Ballots mailed out to Lockwood Residents for Special District

Ballots for the proposed safety district in the Lockwood area will be mailed out Thursday February 6th to all property owners in the Lockwood area.  The proposed district will cover the Lockwood School District’s boundaries.  Yellowstone County Commissioners held public meetings last year in the Lockwood area before taking the proposal to their Board of County Commissioners meeting to put a vote to the residents of Lockwood.  County officials are paying for the election out of their budget and will give the area residents the opportunity to decide and choose to tax themselves for the special district.

In order to help communicate the effort, a group of Lockwood residents formed a Lockwood Transportation Task Force Group in order to get clear, precise, and accurate information out to the public and citizens of Lockwood regarding this vote. The campaign to support the proposed district calls themselves the “Do It For Dustin Campaign” which has held two rallies next to the First Interstate Bank building in Lockwood.  The intention for the rallies were to inform and encourage residents about the proposed district.

The Proposed district would be for the creation of the Yellowstone County Special District No. 1 Lockwood area for the construction and maintenance improvements for pedestrian safety and alternative forms of traffic in the area.  The District would have the authority to impose 10 mills to finance its activities.  A home with a taxable value of $100,000.00 would pay an additional $13.09 in taxes because of the District.  A home with a taxable value of $200,000.00 would pay an additional 26.18 in taxes because of the District as year. The Special District would have the boundaries of the Lockwood School District.

The following are two letters submitted for your consideration from Lockwood residents.

Stefani Freeze – Lockwood Resident – For proposed district,

James Seward – Lockwood Resident – Against proposed district


Mail ballots are due back in the Yellowstone County Elections Office by February 25th. 


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