Business Listings

Businesses in the Lockwood area have many services, products and ways to provide to the community, locals and visitors from Billings, Shepherd to Huntley, Worden, Ballantine and Pompey’s Pillar.  These businesses provide a wide variety of goods, services and products.  Click on each industry below. 


Business Listings:   Click on each category below marked in blue.

Automotive (6)                                Insurance (0)                                Consumer Services & Retail (8)
Banks & Loans (1)                           Construction (1)                                    Groceries & Food (3)
Heavy Equipment (1)                          Catering (1)                                              Churches (0)
Agriculture (2)                                 Recreational Activities (1)                    Event Centers (0)           
Rentals (2)                                         Child Care Services (1)                        Community Groups (5)
Medical & Health Care (1)              Restaurants/bars (2)                            Real Estate (2)
Be sure to let the businesses know you saw their info here on the Lockwood community website for Billings, Shepherd, Huntley, Worden, Ballantine and Pompey’s Pillar areas.  Lockwood businesses have many services, products and ways to provide to the community, locals and visiting guest.  These businesses provide a wide variety of goods, services and products that enhance the local community.  
Here is a page of businesses in the local Lockwood area. We will try to invite them all to be included on this website but for now here is a list of ones that we know of and could be on the website once we invite them.