Exxonmobil Communicates to Neighbors After Power Outage

This was released from ExxonMobil today:

As you may or may not know, our area of Lockwood experienced a big power outage on Saturday, Jan. 25. NorthWestern Energy reported some problems at the Billings Water and Sewer plant that took the transmission line down on the south side of I-90 in our area, including the nearby BGI and MSCC plants.

Our refinery teams are working on the proper and safe sequencing of startup of the various refinery units.  That complex process is underway now and, as always, we are making sure people work safely as things progress.

Our neighbors may notice intermittent flaring or related noise during this process. The note below will be distributed to our neighbors here in the Lockwood area as well as across the river at Cherry Point so they know what is taking place. It is not an emergency; but a proactive measure to let them know what to expect and that flaring ensures a safe restart of the refinery.

Please call our Community Information Hotline at 406-657-5411 or email Dan Carter in public relations at dan.l.carter@exxonmobil.com if you have any questions or concerns.

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