First Ever Graduation, Historic Moment for Lockwood

by Evelyn Pyburn

The first ever graduating seniors at Lockwood High School gather around the “L” behind the new high school Tuesday, May 16, 2023, in preparation for their graduation ceremonies to be held on Sunday, May 28, 2023. Out of 110 starting freshmen in Lockwood, 106 are scheduled to graduate with diplomas. See all the Lockwood senior bios, pictures and information in this week’s special Lockwood section inside . (Drone image by Jonathan McNiven)

This week Lockwood High School is graduating its first senior class. This Sunday, May 28, 106 seniors will make history at Lockwood High School as they accept their diplomas. They will forever be the first class to graduate Lockwood High School. 

As Superintendent Tobin Novasio pointed out, graduating their first senior class gives Lockwood High School full accreditation. It also brings great pride to the community that worked so long and hard at achieving a dream.

“It has been a long time coming for the community,” said High School Principal Gordon Klasna, who has been teaching at Lockwood for 12 years, with four of those years serving as the first principal of Lockwood High School.

The graduation will very much be a traditional one. Although, noted Klasna, one thoughtful citizen is going to give a special gift to each of the seniors, which will only be for this class.

Asked how he felt about it all, Klasna said, “I’m really excited. . . It’s a celebration of Lockwood High School kids graduating and a celebration for the community. I think all the kids are excited. They understand the importance that this is to the community.”

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