Lockwood Leader Newspaper

First edition of the Lockwood Leader in October 2019.

The Lockwood Leader is a Lockwood High School Newspaper that is published each week in the Yellowstone County News during the school year.  The Lockwood Leader was started in conjunction with the Yellowstone County News as Lockwood’s first ever student-driven newspaper.  The student led newspaper staff at Lockwood High School consists of all Freshman students as they entered their first year in the CTE building while the rest of the high school was being built.  

The students, adult advisor and newspaper work together in allowing the students the opportunity to learn how to learn life skills like listening, interviewing, writing, grammar, deadlines, communication, and digital/computer skills that can be learned for the job force.  

Each week, students and staff along with YCN newspaper staff put together a 2 page spread for Lockwood to highlight what is going on in the school and Yellowstone County News publishes those pages along with other local high school pages each week.

The Lockwood Leader started publishing its first pages in October of the 2019-2020 school year for Lockwood High School. The student driven newspaper represents the students and their publishing work for the masses to know what is going on at the school and what the kids/students are doing whether it be in class, sports, and/or other activities at the school.  

If you have questions or would like to get the Lockwood Leader in your mailbox, contact the Yellowstone County News at 406-348-2650 to subscribe to the Yellowstone County News.  

If you would like to help support the Lockwood Leader pages, contact Jonathan at the Yellowstone County News at 406-672-5941.