Lockwood Community Plan

There have been many plans, reports, studies and analysis of the Lockwood Montana area.  However, the following plan is the one with the most extensive and information available for the community.  As spearheaded and supported with the Lockwood Steering Committee and Yellowstone County Commissioners, the following is a link to the community plan and below are the different organizations who helped with the community plan. 


2006 Lockwood Community Plan (allow time for the whole document to download as it is a big pdf file)



The Lockwood Steering Committee oversaw the formation of this plan and continues to serve as a sounding board for issues of community interest or concern, facilitating the solution of community problems and acting as a liaison between community residents and local government agencies.

Lockwood Steering Committee Members involved with the 2006 Lockwood Community Plan.

Conrad Stroebe – Chair           Dan Belk – Co-Chair            Tim Cramer – Secretary

Carlotta Hecker – Treasurer  Glen Seavy – Officer      

Jim Logan – Officer       Corky Harkins – Officer

Click here for Current Lockwood Steering Committee Members 


Yellowstone County Board of County Commissioners

John Ostlund, Chair

Bill Kennedy, Commissioner

Jim Reno, Commissioner

Yellowstone County Board of Planning

Bill Iverson         Sue Tombrink      Alex Tommerup         Teen Paterson         Donna Forbes  Doug Clark   

Carol Gibson     Al Littler     Fred Rogers    A.J. Micheletti     Pat Riley      Rich Whitney     Dennis Cook

Participating Organizations

Lockwood School District #26,  Lockwood Water and Sewer District,  Lockwood Fire District, Lockwood Transportation District, Lockwood Irrigation District, Citizens for a Better Lockwood

Click here for more Lockwood Steering Committee meeting minutes and info here.