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3530 Coulson Rd

Billings, MT 59101


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P.O. Box 31017

Billings, MT 59107


Phone:  406-896-1904

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Monday – Friday   7am – 5pm
Johnson Lane Materials - Sand and Gravel Pit

Johnson Lane Materials – Sand and Gravel Pit

We sell to anyone wether a homeowner or Contractor.  You have the ability to pick up products you need in your pick up, dumptruck, or trailer.  You can also call upon us to deliver for you.

There is NO job too big or too small or too near or far!!  We deliver anywhere you need as long as it’s safe.  Give us a call for price quotes on any type of job.

We also rent out trucks @ an hourly rate for haul off jobs, call for your estimate today!

We also offer portable crushing services throughout the United States.  Contact Ray Halsey 406-860-4014 for more details.


Single End dumps can haul up to 16 ton of MaterialAbout Johnson Lane Materials: 

We are a Sand and Gravel company located at 3530 Coulson Rd in Lockwood.  Doing business since 2004.  We specialize in all types of Road Base, Sand, Crushed Rock, Top Soil, Round Rocks and Imported Landscape Materials.  We have 18 Bins of Specialty Imported Landscape Rocks in various sizes and colors.  We also have River Rock and Large Landscape Rocks available.  We currently have a crusher and wash plant onsite and are available for portable crushing.  You can pick up what you need or we are available for deliveries.  Whether you are a homeowner or contractor, we can help fit your needs.  We currently have End Dumps, Pups, and Side dumps for our trucking fleet.


Washed Products and Landscape Materials

3/4 X 7/16″ Scoria            $52.00/TON                Crushed Granite                  $85.00/TON
Concrete Sand                   $8.00/TON                  1 1/2 X 3/4″ Scoria            $52.00/TON
3/8″ Round Pea Rock      $9.50/TON                 5/8″ Limestone Chips       $52.00/TON
3/8″ Pea Rock                   $9.50/TON                 #4 Limestone                      $52.00/TON
3/4″ Concrete Rock         $8.50/TON                  3 1/2 X 5 1/2 Limestone   $52.00/TON
1 1/2″ Round Rock          $8.50/TON                  1 1/2″ Rainbow Rock          $85.00/TON
2″ – 4″ Boulders               $9.50/TON                 North Hills Gold                  $85.00/TON
4″ + Boulders                  $15.50/TON        6″ + Scoria         $52.00/TON
TopSoil                             $20.00/TON             Dolomite                          $85.00/TON
Silt Sand                          $4.50/TON                 Ballfield Scoria             $52.00/TON
Large Boul                    $160.00/TON
Recycle/Millings           $5.25/TON

Crushed Materials and Road Base

3/8″ Chips                                $16.00/TON             3/4″ Crushed Road Base      $6.25/TON
3/4″ Crushed Bedding Rock     $7.50/TON              1 1/2″ Crushed Road Base     $5.25/TON
1 1/2″ Drain Rock                        $8.00/TON             3″ Minus                             $4.75/TON
Crusher Fines                              $7.50/TON           Pit Run                                $4.25/TON
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Located at:                             Mailing Address:
3530 Coulson Rd                     Po Box 31017
Billings, MT 59101                   Billings, MT 59107

Phone 406-896-1904
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Ray Halsey  406-860-4014
General Manager

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