Located just East of Billings, Montana, Lockwood is a rural Montana Community with approximately 8,400 residents.

While Lockwood has its own School District #26, Grade schools, grades K-8th and is considered by many one of the best elementary schools in the State. High school students generally attend Senior or Skyview High Schools for their continued education but few also attend West High School in Billings. Lockwood residents have voiced priorities in the area whether it be constructing a new High School or incorporating the area. Either way, process for the rural community of Lockwood progresses little by little. Here is some more info on the Lockwood School if interested.

Ultimately, Lockwood residents look forward to the future day that it can become their own city and a major roadblock has been removed in the 2011 Legislative session which allowed towns and cities within the state to put a vote to the public to confirm if they would like to incorporate or become their own city. In the past, Lockwood residents have petitioned the Montana Legislature for changes to Montana Law but it was not until the 2011 that the law allowed a city to become incorporated unless it had met the requirements in Montana Code Annotated or Montana Law. Now that the law has been modified through the 2011 Legislative Session, Lockwood residents will be given the opportunity to vote on the issue when they decide to some day in the future.

Lockwood is a census-designated place (CDP) in Yellowstone County, Montana, United States. The population was 4,306 at the 2000 census. Lockwood is a suburb of Billings. Annexation of Lockwood to Billings has been studied; however, the Billings City Council Annexation Plan of June 2009 states that the city has no plans to annex Lockwood in the foreseeable future.

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