Yellowstone Dig It Days – Lockwood, What is it?

Yellowstone Dig it Days is a one-day event that is constructive, family wholesome, and educational.  This event helps promote knowledge and safety with equipment operation that digs in the ground, whether it be from construction, farming, ranching, mining or anything that digs in the ground. From pipeline companies to Call Before You Dig, kids’ parents and grandparents will learn about what it takes to stay safe when digging in the ground. This event is set to take place on Saturday, August 17, 2019 from 10 am – 4pm  

Yellowstone Family, a tax-exempt nonprofit entity, is the main producer of this 1stannual Yellowstone Dig It Days.

Dig it Days is a unique fundraising event that offers a wonderful experience for the whole family. It’s fun, educational and entertaining.

With the biggest display of static heavy equipment, trucks, farm equipment, and emergency services vehicles ever assembled in Yellowstone County, kids can explore, inspect, take pictures and learn about heavy equipment. Safety will be big as kids will learn the safety procedures needed to operate and be around heavy equipment as well as safety precautions needed when digging in the ground.  Local emergency services vehicles from the local fire station and ambulance service will be on hand to learn about and experience as well.  Emergency services personnel will also be on hand to offer assistance if needed.  

Kids will have the rare opportunity to operate select equipment with an adult safely supervising inside the cab and outside. Age restriction requirements will be required for operating the backhoes and trackhoes.  The Heavy equipment that kids will be operating will not be driving but kids will be able to operate the backhoe and dig with the backhoe into the ground at a low speed.  Each backhoe will be fenced off with a safety fence outside with a safety person outside each safety fence.  Basically, two safety individuals will be assigned for each piece of equipment.  We are planning to have 4-8 backhoes and/or track hoes available for kids.  The adults safely operating the equipment will already be trained on the equipment they use in their normal jobs.  The sponsoring businesses, construction companies and equipment operators will be provided by the construction and local businesses participating in the event.

We will possibly have a big dump truck that will give kids rides (if they want) inside the cab of the truck. (not in the truck bed).  The truck will only be in a designated area outside the premises to eliminate any safety concerns. The monster truck will be operated by a local trained operator or truck driver.    

We will have 3-4 food vendors available to sale food during the event for those who want to eat. Water bottles will be provided for those who wish to get some.    

We will have a concrete company providing little sample stepping stones for kids, parents and grandparents to decorate during the event.  The decorated stepping stones will dry while kids enjoy the biggest “king of the hill” sand pile ever, with lots of toys with which to play. Booths will offer other fun activities and safety information to help educate the masses to be safe when digging or being around farm, ranch, construction and/or any other equipment or means for digging in the ground.

T-shirts will be available for the first 500 attendees, as well as play safety helmets.

It will be an all-day event at a field near the intersection of Interstate 90 and Johnson Lane, thanks to the generosity of Town Pump. The exact location is 2949 N. Frontage Rd in Lockwood, MT 59101.  Other sponsors include Northwestern Energy, RDO Equipment Co., Knife River, and ExxonMobil Pipeline Co. Many of the sponsors and the beneficiary organizations will be providing volunteers, who will be making safety a priority.

Tents will be set up by booth sponsors as well as big tents will be set up for shade and shelter. 

Participants in the event will be bringing and setting up equipment days before and have it all in place one day before the event.  Participants will be able to start removing their equipment the day after the event to prevent any safety issues with attendees. 

Event safety personnel and participants in general will be provided before, during and after the event. Safety vest and specified hardhats (for equipment operators) will be worn by all participants.  A command center will be set up for the day event.  Parking will only be in designated areas only to keep safe. 

No alcohol will be allowed on the premises and/or at or during this event as we will be dealing with heavy equipment operation.

 Any questions regarding the Saturday August 17thYellowstone Dig It Days event can be directed to Jonathan McNiven, Chairman of Yellowstone Family at 406-672-5941. 

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