Winter Advisory Statement and Records

As if many didn’t know it was cold, however, the current weather conditions are affectings almost everything from jobs, schools. and animals. released a weather advisory for the current conditions and area but also recommended some precautions while being out in the weather this week.  Here is what was released. 

 Dangerous wind chills this morning in the Billings Heights and
other eastern parts of the city…

Wind chills of 40 below to 50 below zero are occurring in the
Billings Heights and other eastern parts of the city this morning
due to localized southwest winds near 15 mph. These dangerous wind
chills will persist through 10 am MST.

On the west end of Billings and downtown… actual air temperatures
are colder than 20 below zero this morning… which is still
dangerous cold even without much wind.

Dress warmly and in layers and wear a hat and gloves. Frost bite can
occur in only minutes with wind chills this low. Parents should
accompany their children to their neighborhood bus stop and wait
with them until the bus arrives.

And in Sheridan, Wy, a new record low was recorded. 

 … Record low temperature set at Sheridan WY…

A record low temperature of -28 degrees was set at Sheridan WY
this morning. This breaks the old record of -27 set in 1914. This
statement will be updated at a later time if the temperature falls
even lower than -28 degrees.

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