Lions Lair 2.0 Gets Exxonmobil Support

The Lockwood School Lions Lair 2.0 project received a big boost last week when ExxonMobil representatives presented Lockwood School with a major grant to help rejuvenate community efforts to rebuild the Lions Lair playground.

The grant of $25,000 will be used to help in the rebuilding of the new Lions Lair, known as Lions Lair 2.0.

“The lion’s Lair has been a staple in the community of Lockwood for a long time.  A whole generation of our children have enjoyed the previous structure and we are working to make sure that future generations get to share the experience,” Lockwood Schools Board Chairman Tim Sather reflects.  “ExxonMobil continues to be a great neighbor to Lockwood Schools.  This donation will help us address our goal of providing a safe, engaging, positive learning environment that contributes to all of our students being successful.”

The Lions Lair was a community staple for some 20 years but wear and tear on the equipment eventually got to the level of safety, expenses and concern which led to the closure of the original Lions Lair in August 2012.

The Lockwood Schools PTA has been working to raise funding to renovate the area and is planning to have a demo day in May 2014 to help remove the rest of the material in order to build and complete Lions Lair 2.0.

The contribution by ExxonMobil demonstrates a company dedication along with its 260 employees in supporting community initiatives, said Monica Mainland, ExxonMobil’s Lockwood Refinery Manager.

“ExxonMobil is committed to advancing math and science education.  Physical activity and play are key to building healthy minds, bodies, and curiosity in our future scientist and engineers”

The design, style and support of the new playground is being built by Play by Design” with input and support  from local students as well as the Lockwood school personnel and PTA.

To find out more about the Lions Lair project or are interested in helping out, Check out the Events page here for meeting dates and/or contact Rob Guzman, Lockwood’s School Facility Director at 867-6200 or


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