Lions Lair Closed to Public, School Board Meeting to Discuss

After about 20 years, the Lockwood School’s Lions Lair Playground has been closed as of the end of August when school started.  Notice came as result of a review that Brodie of Western States Insurance conducted regarding the worn and used playground equipment just West of the Lockwood School.

A fence was put up around the playground with yellow tape indicating caution around the worn wooden equipment.  Many volunteers of the Lockwood PTA raised funds to provide a playground for the kids in 1994 before turning it over to the School.  However, over time, the equipment has been used to a point that children are not able to safely play around the wooden structures any longer so it ended up becoming a safety and liability issue.

Brodie’s main recommendation for the Lion’s Lair would be to “remove it completely from the school if funding cannot be found to repair the structure. This area is very dangerous which if not used properly can result in very serious injuries for students/faculty that happen to be using this equipment.”

Lockwood Public School’s new superintendent, Tobin Novasio, inherited the run down wooden structure and has plans to discuss future options with the PTA as well as the local school board members on Tuesday, September 11, 2012 at 7pm in the Lockwood Administration building Board Room.


Click Here for more info about the Lions Lair that is on the school website.


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Stay tuned to the School website for any updates on the Lions Lair Playground.


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