Lockwood Steering Committee Chairman to Step Down

Lockwood Steering Committee Chairman Don Reed announced that he will be stepping down as the Lockwood Steering Committee Chairman last Thursday evening at the monthly meeting.  Don has been the Chairman of the Steering Committee for the last 4 years and was the secretary of the steering committee before that under the direction of then Chairman Carlotta Hecker.  Don said that he was involved with the steering committee about 2006 and feels that he has done what he can to this point as the chairman.

Over the years, Mr Reed was a volunteer in getting the Lockwood, MT 59101 zip code arranged for the Lockwood area as well as many other Lockwood issues.  He has been a voice and advocate for Lockwood over the years and says that he will continue to lend support for Lockwood issues where possible.  The MEDA assessment and community meeting was put together by Don Reed and Bob Riehl who are currently members of the Lockwood Steering Committee. Chairman Reed said that he will stay on the Steering committee until the end of the school year in May 2014 where it will be up to the Lockwood community members to decide in which direction they want to go from that point, he says.

As there are many groups that have spawned from the record meeting that Lockwood had a couple months ago, Don says that hopefully some others from the Lockwood working groups will step up to the plate and help the steering committee run with the foundation that has been set and further the Lockwood cause.

Don is still on the Lockwood School Board of Trustees as well as Riverstone Health and plans to continue to serve on those boards for the time being.

Since the record Lockwood community meeting, groups and their champions have organized, held meetings and have plans for the future meetings.  From the Business, Streets & Roads, Image & Media to Governing and School Groups, many have answered the call to help and participate in a group who have already met and have other meeting dates for follow up.   For example, the Image and Media Group, headed up my Nikki already has dates set up for an Earth Day Clean up to be held April 19th, 2014.  She is planning to put together a work day with events to follow.  Other plans that have been made are for the Loins Lair demo day coming spring 2014.  The Image and Media Group also proposed an idea to the Lockwood Business Group and details of that will emerge in the coming months. For each group and meeting dates, visit the Events page here.

2-“Welcome to Lockwood” signs are also on the horizon.  Window decals and other ideas have emerged and only time will tell what’s in store for Lockwood’s future.  The Streets and Lighting group had some good ideas for the future. They are also planning a campaign to inform the public about the Lighting & Sidewalk election that is planned for February 2014 by the Yellowstone County Commissioners.

With as much good positive changes going on for the Lockwood area, it was noted though that the Lockwood IGA is closing its Contract Postal Unit this Nov. 27th due to business decisions.  It was stated that it was a financial reason for having to make the hard decision.  Shane and Dani at Lockwood IGA had been milling the options and decision for a long time now but had to make a decision on the Post Office inside the Lockwood IGA.  Hopefully, someone in the community will be able to see a fit but for now, the Post office for Lockwood will be closed.


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