Did You Know…

The Lockwood School unveiled some interesting numbers that stacked up against the other school districts in the area.  Not many people knew about these numbers for the Lockwood area.  As some feel that Lockwood needs to form their own high school someday, the following is what was in the school newsletter for you to ponder.

Did You Know…

With our average grade level size of 135 students per grade, a potential Lockwood High School would have an estimated enrollment of 540 students.

This estimated enrollment would make our potential high school larger than all but 17 of the 180 schools that participate in MHSA activities based on the April 2013 OPI enrollment figures.

This estimated enrollment would make us the 4th largest of all the schools in the MHSA’s Class A level. Only Belgrade, Columbia Falls, and Laurel currently have more students.

Lockwood High School = 540


Largest Class A Schools

Belgrade 821    Columbia Falls 678      Laurel 603     Hamilton 528    Havre 517     Browning 502


Other Class A Schools

Livingston 480   Miles City 467    Hardin 415    Sidney 405      Lewistown 344      Billings Central 334      Glendive 319


Other Area Class B Schools

Shepherd 241     Huntley Project 240     Columbus 209      Colstrip 204     Roundup 181    Big Timber 181     Red Lodge 180

Forsyth 126     Joliet 126      Lame Deer 126    Lodge Grass 109


Yellowstone County Class C Schools

Broadview 51      Custer 26


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