Lockwood Will Vote in February 2014

Lockwood Residents Gather in support of Lockwood issues

Image of Lockwood Residents Gathering in support of Lockwood issues.

Last week, Yellowstone County Commissioners unanimously agreed to place a vote to the residents of Lockwood for the creation of a sidewalk & Lighting District for Feb 25th, 2014 by mail ballot. The process of placing a mail ballot to the residents of Lockwood came after some unfortunate deaths occurred over the years in Lockwood as well as safety concerns arose.    The vote will be assessing up to 10 mills each year to help construct sidewalks and place lighting in areas that need it in Lockwood.

After numerous meetings with County Commissioners in the Lockwood area, additional meetings were followed up at the Board of County Commissioners meetings in order to get to an actual vote to the residents which County Commissioners agreed.  As there are some who feel it is not desired in the Lockwood area, there are others who feel the need.  As it appears there are split interest between Lockwood residents, Lockwood residents won’t know the actual count unless a vote is put to the residents.

In order to help communicate the effort, a group of Lockwood residents formed a Lockwood Transportation Task Force Group in order to get clear, precise, and accurate information out to the public and citizens of Lockwood regarding this vote. It would be for the creation of the Yellowstone County Special District No. 1 Lockwood area for the construction and maintenance improvements for pedestrian safety and alternative forms of traffic in the area.  The District would have the authority to impose 10 mills to finance its activities.  A home with a taxable value of $100,000.00 would pay an additional $13.09 in taxes because of the District.  A home with a taxable value of $200,000.00 would pay an additional 26.18 in taxes because of the District as year. The Special District would have the boundaries of the Lockwood School District.   

Many have been encouraged as the group that formed are Lockwood residents who are not normally part of the Lockwood Steering Committee.  The sidewalk & lighting group changed and formed into the LW Transportation Group headed by Nic Talmark and Brandy Dangerfield.  They are have already met a number of times and are trying to get out the info in preparation for the mail ballot in February 2014.  For more info, stay tuned to the events page https://www.lockwoodmontana.com/events/ for each group and meeting times.

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