Record Attendance Ever! Solid 250 or more

044Here’s a few pictures that were taken at the Biggest Public Meeting ever attended by Lockwood residents!  A strong 250 + attendees listened and participated in their community by volunteering for different task in Lockwood.  According to Gloria O’Rourke, Coordinator for MEDA, it was the best by far attended meeting she has completed in her 39 times doing it and wanted to thank the Lockwood community for allowing her to be part of something special.

Full Story and videos along with different groups will be spot lighted here on so stay tuned.

Until then, Feel free to read the full report from the group that came to Lockwood and gave their assessment of the area as many recommendations were not addressed at the meeting due to time.

There are so many great things about Lockwood and more just surfaced this evening that others did not even think of.




Additional News Coverage of the Record Meeting:

Yellowstone County News article regarding the meeting


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