Middle School Named after Retiring Superintendent

The Lockwood School Board of Trustees named the Middle School that was built in 2008 after retiring Superintendent Eileen Johnson. The new school will be called the Eileen Johnson Middle School named in her honor of many dedicated years of service and leadership in the Lockwood Community.  On the plaque, it reads, “In honor of our outstanding Superintendent, teacher, mentor, educator, leader, and friend and in grateful recognition of her service to the students and families of Lockwood” The dedication and celebration and naming of the school has been a work in progress ever since the Lockwood Middle School was completed in 2008.

At the ceremony, school board member Tim Sather stated that the administration and trustees had to go behind the scenes in order to pull off the plaque and dedication without her knowing until the day of the unveiling. Principal Mike Bowman, who has worked with Superintendent Johnson for her years at the school recounted some memorable situations he had will Eileen over the many years.   The dedication was in honor of her retirement from her Superintendent position at the Lockwood school after the 14 years.

There was singing, speeches, stories, dedication and many other memories of Eileen at the dedication for her many years of service at the school.  The plaque will be displayed on the Middle School in the coming weeks in her memory.




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