Homesteader Days – Bellamy Brothers Scavenger Hunt


May 18, 2012

Jonathan McNiven, 406-672-5941



Huntley, MT – The Huntley Project Community website on Friday announced the launch of Free Homesteader Days concert tickets to Bellamy Brothers by an online scavenger hunt.

Starting today, visitors to the community website will be able to search the community website and find FREE tickets to Homesteader Days concert being performed by the Bellamy Brothers and The Bucky Beaver Ground Grippers today and throughout the months of June and July.

Details of the online Scavenger Hunt are found at to the first visitors that find and email the requested information. Details can also be found on the Huntley Project Lions Club webpage.

“Each year, the Huntley Project Lions Club Hosts the annual Homesteader Days concert, parade and outdoor activities during the 2nd weekend in July and we are excited to have Bellamy Brothers and The Bucky Beaver Ground Grippers performing this year”, says Lions Club member Lyle Hill.

The Bellamy Brothers will be performing the lead act on July 13th, 2012 with gates opening at 5:30pm and live country music to start the weekend festivities at 7pm. This Duo, featuring David and Homer Bellamy have charted some 20 no. 1 hits and more than 50 albums since 1975. Along with some of their famous songs like Let Your Love Flow, Old Hippie, and Redneck Girl; country music charts throughout the country have had Bellamy Brothers at the top. 

Meanwhile, the HP community website is working hard to promote the Huntley Project area and local businesses in the towns of Huntley, Shepherd, Worden, Ballantine and Pompeys Pillar.

We’ve come a long ways since launching the original community website in 2008 with about 40 webpages says Jonathan McNiven, the website founder. We are now approaching about 200,000 total page views for the entire website. Now with hundreds of webpages published, the local community website charted about 7,000 page views and over 2,700 unique visitors during the month of April, 2012.

Visitors to the Huntley Project Facebook page may become a fan by clicking the “Like” button. Interested parties may receive the latest updates by following us on facebook or subscribing to the occasional HP newsletter.

For more info and details about Homesteader Days, visit

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