MDOT Releases Billings Bypass Record of Decision

Billings Bypass map Final ROD

Enlarge and view the Final Billings Bypass Map.- Released August 2014

The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) and Federal Highway Administration has released the Record of Decision (ROD) in regards to the Billings Bypass which will be constructed from Lockwood’s Johnson Lane to Highway 312 in the Heights.  The ROD names Phase 1 of the Preferred Alternative (Mary Street Option 2) as described in the Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS).

The constructed Highway will provide 5.15 miles of a two-lane roadway connection across the Yellowstone River from Interstate 90 at Johnson Lane to Hwy 312.  Secondary artery streets and corridor improvements will be improved along the decided roadway with a new segment of Five Mile Road from Dover Road to Hwy 312.

 In previous meetings, it was reported that the bypass could be completed as soon as 2020.  The next step in the project is acquiring easements and permits before actual construction is started.

Representative Jonathan McNiven, From Montana House District 44 which includes the Lockwood area, says, “I applaud the efforts and progress that are being made on the Billings Bypass.  This is one project I have really been pushing for since I was elected and will continue to do what I can to support a needed project for my district and Yellowstone County as a whole. ”

The ROD is available for public review at various locations including Lockwood Water & Sewer District and the Yellowstone County Court house.

For more information regarding the Billings Bypass and/or the Final Record of Decision, visit here or the Montana Department of Transportation website.

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