Notice for Lighting & Sidewalk District Hearing


Notice of Public Hearing on Creation of Yellowstone County  Special District No. 1 for Lockwood Area 

On November 5, 2013, at 9:30 a.m., in  Room 403(A) of the Yellowstone  County Courthouse, Billings, Montana,  the Yellowstone County Board of  County Commissioners will hold a  public hearing to receive public comments on the proposed creation of  Yellowstone County Special District  No. 1 Lockwood area for the construction and maintenance of improvements to enhance pedestrian safety  and provide alternative means of vehicular traffic in the area.  After the  hearing, if the Board believes that it  may be in the best interest of the public to create the District, it will pass a  resolution of intent to create the District.  If the Board believes that it is  not in the best interest of the public to  create the District, it will not pass a  resolution of intent to create the District.  If you would like to submit a written comment on the proposed District,  please send it to the Yellowstone  County Clerk and Recorder, Attn:  Public Comment on Proposed Special  District for Lockwood Area, P.O. Box  35001, Billings, Montana 59107.  Further information on the District can be  obtained from Daniel L. Schwarz,  Deputy Yellowstone County Attorney,  P.O. Box 35025, Billings, Montana,  59107, (406) 256-2830,  Dated this 15th day of October, 2013  Board of County Commissioners Yellowstone County, Montana  /s/ James Reno, Chairman


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