Huntley Project Recieves Additional Businessess

For those interested,
The website continues to add new businesses and informational resources for those to view online.  At this time, we would like to highlight a few of the lastest happenings and resources available to all. 
Firstly,  it has been confirmed that Sawyer Brown will be the performing group during this years Homesteader Days in July 2009. Stay tuned as more information becomes available for the event.  For more information,  feel free to visit the Huntley Project Lions Club webpage as about Homesteader Days. 
Secondly, please welcome the newest businesses on board the Huntley Project website and let them know you saw them on the website.  These businesses include Montana Marketing and Design, Liberty Environmental, and MillerCoors.  Please be patient as thier webpages and info are being added. 
Thirdly,  the Huntley Project School District is inviting the public to an open forum to talk about the rebuilding of the school and options.   It has been requested that on Monday, Feb. 10, a community forum will be held at the elementary cafeteria at 7 p.m.  School reprentatives encourage members of the community to attend these meetings.  The forum will feature a planning process introduction and initial issues with ideas from the community. There are scheduled to be more meetings through July as the initial rebuilding of the Huntley Project High School is underway.  For more information about school events and local news, visit the Yellowstone County News online at or check out the Events section on the website.  The news is uploaded on Fridays each week so stay up-to-date as news comes online. 
Did you know that Project Merc no longer sends out weekly fliers by mail?  You can find the weekly ads for the Project Merc on thier webpage at  The ads each week will be uploaded every Wednesday morning.  If your lucky,  it might be uploaded Tuesday night for those early birds.  It’s in a format to print at your convenience if desired.   
As the Huntley Project website is fairly new to the public online (launched in June 2008), please feel free to add it to your favorites list and link to it as you like from any other websites.  Also,  please let others know about the website as many others have not discovered the online resource yet.  Add it to your blogs, websites, facebook, myspace, and any other ways you find creative.  This helps create credibility and a network online for Huntley Project.   If you know of anyone who would like to be included in the Huntley Project email list,  please have them email and include “Huntley Project Email List” in the subject line.  If you would prefer not to recieved these emails,  please reply to the email and ask to be removed as it will be honored.
For those businesses or entities who would like to be included on the website, a reasonable fee will get you a webpage with your information or a link to your website on the homepage.  contact Jonathan at for more info or call 406-672-5941 with any questions or feedback regarding the website.  It is anticipated that the huntley Project website will complete an entire overhaul within the next year or two so jump on board while you can. 
Thank you once again for your interest in Huntley Project Online

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