Montana Cowboy Adds Another Year

Well, as many of you know; Pappy, the Montana cowboy continues to provide horseback rides and riding lessons to the masses in Montana, especially in Billings.  From the adventurous mountains to the Little Bighorn Battlefield, (formerly known as Custer’s Battlefield where Custer’s Last Stand reenactment takes place).  But you’ll never guess what big ideas he has for horseback rides and trail rides for the state of Montana until you talk to him.

It has been rumored that a reunion for the historic and famous Montana Cattle Drive from 1989 that started in Roundup, MT and came to Billings, MT might be in the news again.  Well, at least a reunion of the adventure but not in Billings like it was last time.  Can you imagine the city approval for that to happen again in this day and age?  Can you imagine the lawsuits and approvals it took to get it all accomplished in those days?  What about the permits for law enforcement and blocking of roads for that to work?  Let me tell you , it wasn’t easy!

Pappy is conducting horseback rides along Pryor Creek Stream

Well, let me tell you.  I had the opportunity to speak to one of the coordinators of the historic event from the Huntley Project High School area.  He mentioned that he had never spent so much time on one specific event like the Monana Cattle Drive preparations compared to any other events he’s planned.   Not to mention, the amount of people, visitors, wranglers, media, horses, cattle, wagons, stagecoaches, and cowboys it took to roundup this western adventure successfully.  I can’t even begin to imagine what it would take to do it now, especially in Billings. I would bet money it would be impossible, but I’m not a betting man so I won’t.

Therefore, I’ll leave it up to those like Pappy and others to think up the big ideas of another Montana Cattle Drive.  But until then, word is on the street or should I say trail, that its being proposed and thrown out among the dust and wind of a cattle drive reunion, but going from Ingomar to Miles City. Now I could see something like that happening,  outside of Billings.  Only time will tell if this will happen again.  I’m still not convinced I’ll see another one at this time though.

So until then,  Pappy and his guides (cowboys who give horseback rides) will continue to provide great Montana horseback riding, wagon rides and western adventures in Billings, MT.

So whether your looking for just a simple stroll in the Montana Big Sky country or a simple BBQ dinner with steak, cowboy beans and pappy’s famous fry bread, contact Jonathan at Western Romance Company or call 406-348-5941 for your group activity or family adventure.

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