Public Meeting Set for Possible Sidewalks/Lighting District

A public meeting has been set for the Lockwood Community by Yellowstone County Commissioners.  Chairman Reno, Commissioners Ostlund and Kennedy will be present on June 11th at 5:30 pm in the Lockwood School Blue Room to listen to local residents to see if residents feel it’s necessary to create a lighting and sidewalk district in the Lockwood Area.  Specific questions will be prepared for those who show up and voice thier concern.  There will be public comment in favor and/or against the proposed district.

County Commissioners want to hear your input regarding this proposal for Lockwood. If you care either way, you need to attend this important meeting for Lockwood.

The main question that County Commissioners are trying to gauge is if the residents feel and want the sidewalks and lighting district enough to be willing to help pay for it.  This will require the input of the neighbors, residents, taxpayers and those who associate with Lockwood in any way.  Come and join the conversation on this day.



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