Scavenger Hunt

– Lockwood Montana


Welcome to the Lockwood Montana Scavenger Hunt on this community website!!!


You could be the lucky winner to Free Prizes!!!   – Today Sunday 11/18/12 –

Who:  Anyone

What:   Online Scavenger Hunt


When:    Starting 11/18/12

Why: Help Promote Community Website

Search this Community Website and find your free prizes.  First one to email the information will win a Prize courtesy of a Lockwood Community Supporter!!   Example below:

Here’s the Details:


Search this website and there is 1 location that says,

Once you find the location, Send an email to and put ”Lockwood Montana Scavenger Hunt” in the Subject line. 

Finally, copy and paste  the URL (URL info below) of the webpage and send your email to us!!!!  We will let you know if you are a winner!!!


First one to send the email will receive a free Prize!!  

If you don’t win  Don’t worry!!!   There will be many more opportunities to win prizes like gift certificates, pizzas, clothing apparrel, mailboxes, haircuts, and More!!     

What is a URL?  It is the web address of a webpage and it tells you where to find something on the internet.  For example, the URL of this webpage is: as you can see above.  Now go find the URL of the requested info and send them to us!!!!