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The Lockwod Montana Facebook group, another extention and outreach endeavor of www.lockwoodmontana.com website has been initiated!  Here’s your chance to win $100 worth of Lockwood IGA’s Famous Prime Rib.  Whoever can have the most friends that “Like” the Lockwood Montana Facebook group page  by Thursday December 20th before 10 pm will win the $100 worth of Lockwood IGA’s Famous Prime Rib.

In order to win, please review the complete details below.

You have exactly two weeks to complete this contest!  Stay tuned to this site as other prizes will be given away during the month but this contest end on Thursday, December 20th at 10pm exactly!!  (your email will have to be sent by 10pm that night) so plan ahead!

The reason for this contest is three-fold:

1. Help promote the www.lockwoodmontana.com community website so that everybody knows where to turn for Lockwood information.  If you have or know of an event that pertains to Lockwood, please let us know and we’ll help post it there.

2. Help promote the businesses, services and products that are associated within the Lockwood Community area.

3. Help organize Lockwood online so as to have a means to help promote, inform, and communicate information to the masses as a community. The hope is to include, community members, citizens, school, students, employees, and anyone interested in the Lockwood Montana community.

This Contest is provided courtesy of the Lockwood IGA!  Please let them know you saw there information on the Lockwood Community Website.


Details on the contest are below: 

1. Click “Like” on the Lockwood Montana Facebook group  page once you are logged into Facebook.

2. Invite as many friends as possible to the Lockwood Montana Facebook Group!

3. Before December 20, 2012 at 10pm, send an email to jmcniven@huntleyproject.net with “Lockwood IGA’s $100 Prime Rib Contest” in the subject line and somehow attach a picture/image of how many of your friends like the Lockwood Montana Facebook page.

4.  Whoever has the most friends that like the group will win the $100 worth of Lockwood IGA’s Prime Rib.  We plan to have it ready for you to pick up before Christmas at Lockwood IGA.


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–Here is an image of what we’ll need to see on your facebook image that you email to us so we can confirm.

1.  The number of friends that also like the page (as you can see in the image, it’s 14),

2.  Your Name (it’s located in the top right as Tana McCrite McNiven),

3.  To say Lockwood Montana. (So it shows the Lockwood Montana facebook group)

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