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Farstad Oil sign_wagonWebsite:   www.farstadoil.com


About Farstad Oil:

Farstad Oil Inc. was founded in 1938 and is in the third generation of Farstad management. The company grew from a family operated bulk oil business to a regional wholesale petroleum products distributor. Farstad Oil, Inc. is a company that provides multi-state supply and distribution of refined petroleum products, including gasoline, distillates, propane and lubricating oils.

farstad_trunkThe company has seen significant growth since its origins nearly 70 years ago.  The fleet of over 50 transports currently serves all of North Dakota and Montana, along with large portions of Minnesota, South Dakota and Wyoming.

The Minot operation is the largest lubricant facility in the Midwest. Farstad Oil supplies and distributes approximately 250 million gallons of gasoline and distillates, 20 million gallons of propane and 2.5 million gallons of lubricants annually.



truckbuildingThrough customer relationships built on trust, respect and teamwork and by maintaining flexibility with changing customer needs, our mission is to:

• Supply the product needs of our customers in a timely fashion.
• Distribute a quality product at a competitive price.
• Support the communities within the region we serve.
• Move forward into the future while remembering where we’ve been in the past.

SPF Energy, Inc. acts as a holding company for Farstad Oil, Inc. (including respective subsidaries)

We are proud to be among the Lockwood Community and do business from our Lockwood location of North Frontage Rd.  Give us a call for any reason and let us know how we can serve you at 406-259-2264 or visit us online at www.farstadoil.com.