Lockwood Stands Firm on Graduation Policy

by Evelyn Pyburn

In a closed executive session the Lockwood School Board discussed and decided to retain the school’s inaugural policy regarding recognition of a Valedictorian and a Salutatorian. This spring the new Lockwood High School will be graduating their first senior class and many parents and students were surprised to realize that the school apparently had a policy to not recognize the individual achievements of students with the highest grade points with the traditional titles of Valedictorian and Salutatorian.

During the regular monthly board meeting, on Tuesday evening, several parents and students spoke regarding their desire to recognize students, who had the highest grade points, with the traditional awards and to say they were surprised to find out that it was Lockwood’s policy not to do so. They chastised the administration with trying to be “progressive” rather than applaud the achievements of individual students.

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