Mike Erickson is YCN Sports Athletic Director of the Year  

Mike Erickson

Well Folks, with YCN Sports in our fourth year broadcasting games for the schools of Shepherd, Huntley Project and now Skyview, we’ve come a long way since our first broadcast in 2019!  Can you believe it’s been that long with YCN Sports & Radio? This 2022-2023 sports season has been long and busy with 100 Fall sports games we broadcasted and over 116 games so far for basketball season, and we still have state tournaments this week to broadcast for Skyview girls’ and boys’ teams as well as Huntley Project girls’. Our broadcasters Anderson McNiven, Pappy, Chad, Dave Riley, Andy Schwab and I deal with a lot of athletic directors.  

Imagine how many athletic directors we deal with from around the region on a consistent basis. I did not know how much work goes into being an athletic director in order for the kids to play sports, use the gyms, plan schedules, and run the events smoothly.  For that reason, we, at YCN Sports, created the YCN Sports Athletic Director of the Year Award to recognize those great athletic directors and all they do (not only for the schools) but also to highlight those we truly think do a great job! 

With that, YCN Sports awarded Mike Erickson, Athletic Director of Lockwood School District, with this year’s Athletic Director of the Year Award last Thursday at a tournament Lockwood was hosting for the Class C schools. 

This is Erickson’s third year as the new athletic director for Lockwood, and he has been instrumental in getting the new school sports programs all set up as the school was built and classes started for the high school. Erickson has had to start from scratch in creating many different sports programs, hiring coaches, scheduling gym and game times, getting all those workers for games, scheduling referees, rescheduling games and gym time, as well as dealing with parents, coaches, and anything associated with a brand-new school sports programs and starting them from the bottom up.     

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