Meskimens Retire after  30 Years at Lockwood IGA 

by Michael J. Marino 

Lockwood IGA will soon be under new ownership by L
David & Lisa Robinson. The change of hands will occur some
time after July 15, 2022. (Photo by Jonathan McNiven).

After 30 years of owning and operating the Lockwood IGA off Old Hardin Road, Shane Meskimen joked that he’s feeling, “old and tired” and like he’s “been here long enough.” These were the first reasons to come to mind regarding why Meskimen and his wife are selling the grocery store. Mostly, he said it’s time for someone young and full of energy to take over the reins. 


It is important to Meskimen that the store remain locally owned. He told YCN the buyers are a couple from Lockwood, and the sale is already finalized for the most part. David and Lisa Robinson will soon be the new owners. 

The only hold up? The Small Business Administration (SBA) – who is financing the purchase – has reportedly stalled the process a little longer than expected. 

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