Voters to Consider Multiple Mill Levies this Election

There are two different kinds of levies: permissive and general. General mills are voted on each election cycle by the constituents of each school district, while permissive mills are levied by state law. 

Voters for Elysian Schools are looking at a $12,806 revenue increase for construction and maintenance purposes.

In the Independent School area, taxpayers can expect to see a $3-6 hike in their property tax bill to fund repairs to the library ceiling, among other projects.

Elder Grove stands to decrease its revenue by $23,241. This will lower property taxes as well, with an average decrease of about $4.25

Pioneer School is set to increase funds by $5,908 which will only raise taxes a maximum of $2.28.

Lockwood is looking for the steepest increase in their revenue, which the Board reports is to pay for transportation expenses and bulk up their flexibility. Taxpayers can expect to see an increase their property tax bills ranging from $22 to $46.

Both boards in the Shepherd District seek to impose similar increases of about 1.8 mills. For taxes, that equates to about $3.50 more this year.

Blue Creek School voters will see a break on their tax bill from the Board. Subtract $3.14 if your home is $100,000 in value, or $6.29 if you own a $200,000 home.

Huntley Project estimates a higher budget than last year, with a total figure of about $163,000 in increases. This will mean about $29 – $39 more on homeowner’s taxes in the upcoming year.

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