First Ever dental clinic opens in Lockwood

Originally published in the 1/10/20 print edition of the Yellowstone County News. 

Brody Wood, 6, lies excitedly in the dental chair with his hands spread wide open ready for his dental exam as dental hygienist Lyndsay Salte, left, reciprocates Brody’s excitement and outstretched arms as being one of the first patients for Dr. Brysen Hansen, right, in Lockwood’s first ever dental office. (Jonathan McNiven Photo)

Among Lockwood’s growing community, the first ever dental clinic in Lockwood opened its doors to patients this week with excitement as construction crews and last-minute arrangements were being prepared the day before.  New staff, who already knew each other from previous associations, were already in motion with final preparations while Dr. Brysen Hansen took a couple minutes to chat about his new Lockwood location at 1860 Old Hardin Road Suite A, or as many locals know the area next to Oscars and Yellowstone Coffee and Canvass. 

In the dental chairs sat anxious Brody Wood, 6 years old, of Billings and his twin brother Mason who were first of Dr. Hansen’s patients ready to get attended to with some dental care.  With an office full of chatter, the new excitement resonated within and outside of the new Lockwood office.

Lockwood Family Dental is the new name his patients will come to know.  However, all his patients won’t be new as he already has patients from Lockwood and the surrounding areas of Billings, Shepherd and Huntley Project that will follow him to Lockwood as he ventures to be the first dental clinic office providing dental healthcare in Lockwood.

While eagerly standing in the new waiting room due to newly finished construction, Dr. Hansen explains that the office is in a great central and convenient location just next to Old Hardin Road and Johnson Lane in anticipation for the Billings Bypass that will connect Billings Heights to Lockwood’s Johnson Lane in the next couple years. 

Dental hygienist Lyndsay Salte, left, consults with Dr. Brysen Hansen, right, as he looks over x-ray results on the computer at the new Lockwood dental office Wednesday, January 8, 2019. (Photo by Jonathan McNiven)

Even though the office door entry is disguised at the end of the main strip mall building, a big office space opens up when you walk into the main waiting room and into the receptionist area where Celeste Kepp, Patient Care Coordinator, will be there to greet you and help with all the patient’s needs.  Even farther into the office are six oratories, or rooms where Dr. Hansen can provide dental care to his patients.  In addition, Heather Smith, his dental assistant is anxiously ready to start in the new location as Lyndsay Salte, the office’s only dental hygienist will be busy with teeth cleanings and such.  As of opening day, 4 dental chairs are ready to go and 2 more chairs will be installed in the future as they grow and the need arises.

As Dr. Hansen and his wife along with two kids have lived in the Billings area for the last 4 years.  Their move to the Lockwood area last spring prompted him to provide dental healthcare services when he discovered no such service was available in Lockwood.  Lockwood is the ideal place Dr. Hansen has wanted to settle in as he comes from a small town in Utah.  Montana is also the place for him as he says he’s an avid hunter, fisherman and outdoorsman.   

Along with a new office comes new equipment and technology that will be will be in the office to provide a faster and easier service. Also coming to the office will be equipment that provides 3D technology scanning where staff and Dr. Hansen can produce crowns same day right in the office and patients don’t have to wait two weeks to get the crown back from the lab. 

The new website is scheduled to be live this week.   

 Office hours at the new dental office will be unique in that they will provide flexibility every other Monday and Friday.  Starting as early as 7am and working all the way until 5pm.  Providing flexibility and dental healthcare for our patients is the reason we are here as many people have different schedules so Dr. Hansen wanted to provide that flexibility.

A family-friendly atmosphere is on full display while staff and office personnel are now completing day to day operations and tweaking last minute computer program adjustments.      

“Hopefully, Lockwood takes to us as we’ve taken to Lockwood,” He said with a smile while showing the rest of the new dental office.

Wednesday marked the first day of patients at Lockwood’s first ever dental office.

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