Property owners want to join Lockwood TEDD

Originally published in the 6/818 print edition of Yellowstone County News.

LOCKWOOD — Several property owners located adjacent to the newly formed Lockwood Targeted Economic Development District (TEDD) are requesting zone changes of the county, in order to become part of the TEDD.

County Commissioners will consider a resolution of intent at a future commission meeting to make the zone changes involving nine property owners and 11 parcels, according to Diane Lehm of Big Sky Economic Development.

In order to qualify to be part of the TEDD, a property must be zoned in one of three of categories – light industrial, heavy industrial or agriculture open.

The zone change process will be pursued prior to the process of expanding the boundaries of the TEDD, explained Lehm. Expanding the TEDD boundaries will reflect the same process pursued in creating the TEDD, including public hearings.

Lehm said most of the properties involved are on the south east side of the railroad tracks.

The TEDD is a tax finance district within which future new property tax increases will be used to build infrastructure or to assist the location of new industry. It is being managed through a volunteer advisory board under the auspices of the County Commissioners. The TEDD is located north and west of the intersection of Johnson Lane and the interstate in Lockwood.

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