High school plan may shrink to suit Lockwood taxpayers

LOCKWOOD — Between dreams and reality there is usually a dousing of cold water, and that was what Lockwood School Board members met in the first round of numbers, dollars and cents, given to them by the architects of Collaborative Design on Friday.

In presenting preliminary plans that would include “everything you wanted,” and “everything generously” allowed for, designers presented numbers that were about 30 percent more than the board hopes a new high school will cost. At least, Superintendent Tobin Novasio said that is how much he believed the plans and proposed budget would have to be trimmed to meet what he believes voter acceptance might be.

Conversation then focused on what could be left out, pared down or modified to reduce costs, as board members serving on the building committee set about giving architects direction on how to refine the plans for a proposed high school.

The architects are more under the gun to complete plans and have a cost estimate than initially thought. Novasio announced that in setting the initial schedule for... Read full story here.  

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