Lockwood School to present first ever Veterans Program called “We Honor YOU”

The Lockwood Middle school 4th graders will be presenting the first ever “We Honor You” music program at Lockwood School.  Feel free to pass the word around to all those interested.


Lockwood School’s 4th graders will present a program called, “We Honor You” to celebrate our veteran’s and current military. This is the first presentation of this kind at Lockwood School. The program will be held in Sturdevant Gym on the Lockwood Campus at 1:30 pm on November 7th. There will be a reception for veterans at 12:45 pm in the school’s Family Resource Center. The 4th graders are directed by Mrs. Stephanie Smith-Miller and Mrs. Lynette Larson. The entire primary and intermediate school students have provided decorations and gifts for the veterans.

What: Veteran’s Day concert

When: Tuesday, November 7 at 1:30 PM (reception for veterans at 12:45 PM in the school’s Family Resource Center

Where: Lockwood School campus, Sturdevant Gym

Why: A program to recognize and celebrate our veterans and military

Contact: Lynette Larson, email: larsonl@lockwoodschool.org or telephone 252-2776, ext 420.

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