Grassroots residents push for Lockwood High School, sets community meeting

LOCKWOOD — Members of a Lockwood community group set a date to meet May 18 to begin planning how to approach a new high school.  With members anxious for a High School, community members set the date and time 6:30 p.m. in the commons area at Lockwood Middle School.

The Lockwood community education group is beginning the planning stages of exploring how Lockwood could build a high school, and answer some questions that community members might have while exploring the idea now that the 2016 Legislature has passed the law that now allows Lockwood to start the serious conversation of what the community wants to do.

Senate Bill 139, signed into law last month by Gov. Steve Bullock, allows elementary school districts with at least 1,000 students enrolled, such as Lockwood, East Helena, and Missoula Hellgate to expand into high school districts.

Tobin Novasio, Lockwood superintendent, told the Yellowstone County News that the impetus for a high school should come from community members, not handed down by school administrators.

Details that would be addressed include potential locations, traffic and other safety concerns, design, cost and other factors.

First, voters would be called on to approve forming a high school district, which would start a two-year planning period.

Stay tuned to Yellowstone County News for up-to-date news regarding a Lockwood High School and Lockwood news.

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