Local district promotes bicycle safety week

The Lockwood Pedestrian and Safety District is preparing for the upcoming sponsored safety week with activities and educational events on Thursday May 4th.   The following was released today to promote and education the public and children while traveling and riding their bicycles in Lockwood and nearby areas.

Third grade students from Lockwood Elementary School will participate in the annual bike/walk to school event on Wednesday, May 4 from 12:30 PM to 1:45 PM.  There are four stations for students to participate including an obstacle course, a video with ice cream, this is your bike and bicycle and pedestrian safety.  The LPSD has donated reflective arm bands, stickers and helmets in addition to Advisory Board member support.  Students who participate will receive rewards.

This effort is part of the Lockwood Pedestrian Safety District work plan (ENC-6), under “encouragement” activities.

The Lockwood Pedestrian Safety District was formed in 2014 by a referendum in which 61 percent of the District’s voters affirmed its creation.  The District encompasses the same area as the Lockwood School District and affects over 7,750 people.  The mission of the District is to effectively eliminate fatalities and serious injuries caused by vehicular and pedestrian conflicts throughout the Lockwood area.

More info on the Lockwood Pedestrian Safety District can be read here.


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