Lockwood Education Committee announces meeting

The Lockwood Education Committee announced a meeting regarding the education of Lockwood students.  Due to the unrest of Lockwood residents being told their high school students from Lockwood would all be attending Skyview in the near future, a meeting has been set up to inform and educate the Lockwood masses about their community education options.

Chad Hanson, who is the Lockwood Community Education Committee Chairman, sent out the announcement to get as many residents to the public meeting as possible.  The meeting will update the public regarding 4 different issues in the area from previous efforts over the years to proposed legislation for a Lockwood High School.  Due to Billings School District deciding to send all Lockwood students now to Skyview, many residents are not happy about not being able to attend West and Senior as in the past.

This meeting will focus on what has been done in the past and if the community wants to take their own destiny into their own hands and move forward towards a high school.

Here is the info that was sent out for the meeting agenda by Chad Hanson.


The Lockwood Community Education Committee set up as part of the MEDA Community Assessment process is planning to meet on Thursday, March 10th, at 6:00 pm in the Lockwood Middle School Commons.  Agenda items will include.

  1. Recap of Committee Efforts in 2014 and 2015 (Chad Hanson)

     2. Report on SD2 High School Redistricting Process (Gordon Klasna)

     3. Update on Proposed Legislation Regarding High School District Expansion (Tobin Novasio)

     4. General Discussion on Direction of Committee Moving Forward (Chad Hanson)

Anyone interested in these issues or in volunteering to help with the Education Committee is encouraged to attend.  Also, please feel free to forward this message onto anyone that you feel might be interested.


Chad E. Hanson


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