Lockwood Students gear up for Lion’s Lair 2.0 fun run

The Lockwood community and students are coming together again for another Lockwood Lion’s Lair fun run and planning to raise more funds for the playground.  The equipment has been shipped and is getting ready to be set up, but the goal of fundraising is not complete.  The Lockwood community is planning and preparing for the next event as stated below in the statement released by the Lion’s Lair 2.0 group below.

Once again Lockwood students are gearing up for what is sure to be another successful “run,” both on the gym floor and for the reality of the new playground, “Lion’s Lair 2.0.”

The second annual “Laps for the Lair” fundraiser has officially kicked off as Lockwood students grades K-5 have begun seeking pledges for laps they will run on either February 25th, 26th, or 29th in the Sturdevant gym during their gym classes. With a plethora of prizes and laps to be ran, these kiddos are pumped up and excited to express in a mighty way just how much they want their playground back!

Last year, the same event pulled in over $17,000 for Lions Lair 2.0. The community project, facilitated by the Lockwood PTA, has thus far raised over $163,000 towards their $230,000 goal for a new playground called Lion’s Lair 2.0 This means they have been able to purchase the equipment and are now in their final phase of fundraising to place the structure in the ground.

Cortney Metzler, Lockwood school physical education teacher and “Laps” co-chair is excited to be helping with the run again this year. Referring to last years run she states, “It was amazing to see the dedication and effort the students brought to running laps.

Even students who didn’t receive any sponsors ran as hard as they could, including the top runner. It gives them a sense of ownership in the Lion’s Lair, and that is important.” Cortney takes the time leading up to the run to educate the students on physical activity, stating “there are a variety of ways to get that,” encouraging them to find something they enjoy. That is why this fundraiser is especially meaningful to her because she also recognizes the value in the cause behind the run. “The original Lion’s Lair was a great place to keep students moving and away from all the video games…I can hardly wait to see the results from this years laps!”

The children are the heart and soul of the Lion’s Lair 2.0 project, and are the cornerstone from which this playground is being built on, no doubt. It is to them, this structure will be dedicated.

To join us during the event or an opportunity to sponsor a child who has otherwise been unable to find one, please contact Loree @ (406)855-4399 or Sue @(406) 690-5636.

Lockwood PTA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that, in addition to supporting their school and community, has been organizing efforts to raise funds for a new Lions’ Lair 2.0 playground for Lockwood school and surrounding communities. For more information on the Lions’ Lair 2.0 project and how you can support their efforts, please contact (406)690-5636 or email LockwoodLionsLair@gmail.com.

Contributions to the Lockwood PTA are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.


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