Lockwood Superintendent encourages community to attend high school redistricting meeting

Lockwood School District officials are encouraging parents and community members to attend the high school redistricting meeting next week due to concerns that Lockwood high school students are losing their option of where they can attend.  In a letter to parents sent home from Lockwood School Superintendent Tobin Novasio, students and parents were informed of the current status of the redistricting process and update.

In his letter, Novasio wrote the following.

I would personally encourage ALL Lockwood parents to attend the School District #2 Redistricting Meeting on Tuesday December 15th. There have been a large number of Lockwood residents showing up at previous meetings but unfortunately many members of the committee still do not understand our concerns.

At the December 1st meeting, the committee reduced the options that they are looking at from eight down to four. In this process, three of the options that preserved your ability as parents to choose between Senior and Skyview were eliminated. Currently only one scenario retains Lockwood’s ability to choose. The other three options send students that live south and west of Highway 87 to Senior High and the rest of Lockwood (about 75% of students) to Skyview High.

Currently Tuesday’s meeting is scheduled for 6:00 PM in the Lincoln Center Board Room, but there has been talk of moving it to a larger venue. We will send out a message with the location change if that happens. The stated purpose of this meeting is to “Present Preliminary Redistricting Options to Community for Comment/Feedback”. We need to make sure that the Lockwood voice is heard!

Please contact me at novasiot@lockwoodschools.org or 867-6207 if you have any questions.

Lockwood residents still don’t have the option to build their own high school or expand the k-8 school district due to a moratorium on new high schools in the state from statute in Montana code from the early 1990’s.  Lockwood officials and residents will be looking at options the next Legislative session in 2017.  Until then, Lockwood residents and school officials are in the process of letting School District #2 know of their desires of being able to attend either school and not be send back and forth from school to school in the meantime.



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