Lockwood business group building vision for future growth

by Evelyn Pyburn-originally published in the Yellowstone County News

LOCKWOOD — How best to move forward was a primary topic of conversation for the Lockwood Business Group on Tuesday morning, among some ten members in attendance for breakfast at Hitt the Spot Café, courtesy of Rocky Mountain Compost.

Taylor Brown, owner of Northern Broadcasting Network, recommended setting goals to motivate attendance.

“It really does not matter what goals we pick,” said Brown. “The important thing is that everyone feels that we do have a strong purpose that is worth their time and effort to participate.”

The group worked on identifying a number of business owners who are dedicated to making Lockwood a better place, as well as wanting to improve their businesses, as prospects to call upon to engage support.

“Business people who live here and have kids here would be good members because they care enough,” it was stated.

As Lockwood businesses were listed, there was some surprise as to how many there really are in Lockwood. Just establishing a list of Lockwood businesses could be one possible goal, said Brown.

The Lockwood Business Group was envisioned as essentially being a future Chamber of Commerce for Lockwood.

Bryce Glen of Rocky Mountain Compost readily agreed to be among those active participants saying that they are planning to be part of the Lockwood community for a long time, and he is willing to spend time making things happen that will benefit both his business and the community.

Possible purposes for the group could be varied. Brown pointed out some, including the ability to network to keep up on what is going on in the Lockwood business community, staying aware of the problem that businesses face, and to create awareness about businesses in Lockwood.

The next meeting of the Lockwood Business Group will be held at 7 a.m. Aug. 11 at First Interstate Bank in Lockwood. The September meeting will be held in the new Lockwood Fire Station.

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