Education Committee Resurrects High School Bill

In a surprising week of up and down votes in the Montana Legislature, the House Education Committee reconsidered Senate Bill 107 Friday afternoon with a vote to reconsider SB107, tabled in  committee, and vote in favor of it progressing to the House Floor for a full house hearing.

During executive action last Wednesday, Representatives voted down the measure where all Democrats in Committee and two Republicans voted against the bill.  Republicans Jeff Essmann and Edward Greef voted no on Wednesday to stall the bill in committee by a vote of 8-7.

“We will not give up,” said Senator Taylor Brown last Wednesday. “The Lockwood community knows the current situation is not working for their students. They need better choices.” he stated.

A blast motion was made Wednesday afternoon to remove SB107 from committee and bring it to a full house hearing which failed.  The only real option the supporters of the bill had were to clarify questions that a few Representatives had in committee. With the additional information and clarification given to the Representatives from Jim Standart, Representative Edward Greef changed his stance on the bill and the bill passed by a vote of 8-7 and will proceed to the House floor.

A substitute motion was made by Representative Edie McClafferty  to table the bill but was ruled “out of order” by Chairwoman Sarah Lazloffy.  An appeal of the Chairs decision was made and the vote to uphold the chairwoman’s decision was upheld.  Representative Greg Hertz called “Question” to vote on the bill which passed the Committee.

With Friday’s surprising vote, SB107 will move to a full house hearing and vote.

Stay tuned to Yellowstone County News for full coverage of the bill.

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