Lockwood Montana Surpasses 500 members on Facebook

Here’s the message we received today about the Lockwood Montana Facebook group.

“Congratulations! Lockwood Montana recently surpassed 500 fans on Facebook” was the message we received! Just another reason to stay in touch with all the many great changes happening in the area for Lockwood. Invite your friends, neighbors and family! Let’s now reach for 1,000 on the Lockwood Community Facebook group associated to the Lockwood Community Website www.lockwoodmontana.com.

Even more changes are coming that will help support the www.lockwoodmontana.com community website and Facebook Group. Since the purchase of the Yellowstone County News by Jonathan and Tana McNiven in October 2014, advertisements in the weekly newspaper will help support, promote and connect even more.  Yearly subscriptions to the Yellowstone County News are $30/year at this time which includes 52 issues in your mailbox each week.  The McNivens and former owners Pete and Rebecca Robison of Huntley feel that the purchase is a good fit for the communities, online websites and the Yellowstone County weekly Newspaper.

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