Local Cafe Changes Name

Lockwood Country Cafe

Lockwood Country Café Changed it’s name in August 2014 from Marla and Patty’s Café.

One of Lockwood’s’ food venues off Old Hardin Road has changed it’s name.  The name Lockwood Country Café was announced this month where owner Patty Whitby decided to make the change now that she is the primary owner of the café in Lockwood.  Patty says, “The name just fits better since I really enjoy the community and see the future of Lockwood”.

In fact, even though the address location is the same, Patty says she’s also updating her address at the café to say Lockwood, MT 59101 instead of saying Billings, MT 59101 as that change through the United States Post Office was made some years ago. That way, visitors won’t have to wonder if her business is in Billings or Lockwood.

Patty is excited about the changes as she had also added the breakfast buffet on Saturday mornings and added more to the menu.  She now opens the Café at 7am instead of 8am, there is more time for the morning visitors to come, eat and prepare for the day.

New on the menu:  They are running a hearty chicken fried steak for breakfast that seems to be a hit. They have gone from the canned pop to the fountain pop which is also a good enhancement she has been working on for awhile.

With the new logos up, Patty is ready to go back to serving the Local Lockwood Community and visitors at her café off Old Hardin Rd in Lockwood.

For more info regarding Lockwood Country Cafe, call 406-259-9669 or visit their webpage here.


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