Safety District Supporters Thank Community

Guest Editorial: 

Congratulations Lockwood on electing the Pedestrian Safety District, February 2014. The campaigners appreciate the ground work laid by the Lockwood Steering Committee leaders: Chairman Don Reed, Vice Chair Earl Blakely, Secretary/Treasurer Bob Reihl and Lockwood Transportation District Chair, Conrad Stroebe.

The success of the campaign is due to efforts of many. First and foremost, thank you to the Freese family, who honored the son they lost in 2013 by encouraging voters to ‘Do It For Dustin.’ Brad and Stefani Freese, and their
son Dillon, we are grateful to you for opening a wound and showing what tragedy looks like, so that voters could understand the urgency in preventing the accidental death of children.

Thank you Joe Splinter from Hilltop Public Solutions, for sharing your humanitarian spirit and showing us the way to victory.

Nic Talmark led the team with unwavering energy and continues to lead the advisory board. Barb Pedula contributed brilliant ideas for a dynamic campaign. Bob Reihl’s experience and dedication to Lockwood provided footing for making great strides in informing voters. Nikki Tetrault rallied businesses and volunteers. Representative Jonathan McNiven provided support for the cause. Many supporters, volunteers and donors contributed, we appreciate each of you! Western Security Bank, Anderson Zurmuehlen & Co., and First Interstate
Bank, we are grateful for your generous donations.

It is the hope of the campaign leaders that the election of the district compels the community to participate in the development of Lockwood, to better the health and happiness of present and future residents. The following Greek
proverb resonates the campaigners’/advisory board’s inspiration, “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in.”


Brandy Dangerfield

Do it for Dustin Campaign Media Coordinator

Lockwood Pedestrian Safety District advisory board member


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