Steering Commitee Notes 4-24-14

April 24, 2014


Attendance:  Shawn Green, Linda Green, Woody Woods,  Allan Hutton, Steve Nave, Valerie Dangerfield, Conrad Stroebe, Carl Peters and Bob Riehl.

The meeting was called to order at 7 pm by Treasurer, Bob Riehl.


 District Reports

Fire District – Allan Hutton reported the new Fire Station is close to final design and cost projections are being held to no more than $4 million.  As these numbers are firmed up they will have a public meeting to present the proposal with construction to begin in late June early July.  The District took possession of a new 4X4 Ambulance which will help in the difficult areas of the District.  Board elections are due May 6th.  Vote for two Frosty Erben, Mark Morse and Tim Sperry.  The Ballot had a misspelling for Mark Morse.

 Water and Sewer – Woody Woods reported that the Situation Assessment – Revised Phase 2 Sewer Expansion by Beck Consulting is on the District’s website.    The Board is waiting on a response from the grant and loan agencies on the impact of a smaller Phase 2 footprint.  When that is known the Board will need to make a decision whether to move forward.

The Board has advertised an RFQ for an engineering study on the Water System Master Plan Review.  The next Board meeting is May 14th 7 PM at the Water & Sewer offices.

Lockwood School – none

Irrigation District– Carl Peters reported that the district is burning the canals.  Pumps will start approximately May 20th after the monthly meter reading.  Next meeting is May 21st.

Lockwood Pedestrian Safety DistrictThe Advisory Board has met twice since the last Steering Committee meeting.  They have 8 members approved by the County Commissioners.  They continue to discuss the areas of concern and are developing maps of those areas.  They will develop a list concerns and present them to the County Commissioners.  The County Commissioners will then hire an engineer to flesh out the concerns into projects.  A public meeting is expected to solicit comments and develop priorities.  Next meeting of the Advisory Committee is May 6th at 7 PM in the Lockwood School Administration Building.

 Transportation DistrictConrad Stroebe reported that there are quite a few State roads in Lockwood.  He reported on the Bypass public meeting and the EIS work on the project seems to be complete with a preferred option and project appears to be moving forward.


MEDA – Committees

Business – Bob Riehl reported on activities of the committee.  Chad Moore a representative of Big Sky Economic Development Authority (BSEDA) presented all their programs and benefits that are available to the Businesses and Lockwood.   Copies of the notes are available contact Bob to get them.  Next meeting will be May 14th 7 AM at Hitts the Spot Café.

Media and Image – Bob Riehl reported that the Lockwood Community-wide Clean-up Day on Saturday April 12th was a success with approximately 35 folks picking up garbage at the entrances to Lockwood.   The fund raising luncheon followed the collection for the Lions Lair rebuild.   See details in the “Lockwood Leader” and on the Lockwood Website.

Governance Linda Green reported that the committee has been meeting they are continuing to gather materials  Next meeting is May 6th  7PM at the Harvest Church.

Schools and Education – Shawn Green presented the revised petition for a High School in Lockwood.  They will have a table at Lockwood Little League Opening Day Ceremony, April 26th.   Next meeting is May 15th 6:30 PM at the Lockwood Administration building.


Treasurer’s Report – Bob Riehl reported that with all bills in for this date the account is holding at $862.70.

Next meeting –   May 22nd  at 7 PM

Adjourned at 8:00 PM


Notes Submitted by Bob Riehl

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