4 named to the Newly Created Safety District

Last week, 4 Lockwood individuals were named to start the Safety District that was created from the February 25th Special Election for sidewalks and lighting in the Lockwood.  Yellowstone County Commissioners approved Nic Talmark, Brandy Dangerfield, Tobin Navasio and Joe Porter to be the first four in the Safety District.

There are planned to be 10 Lockwood individuals on the board and those interested in being included on the Safety District are encouraged to attend the next meeting on Wed April 2nd meeting at 7pm in the Lockwood school Board Room.  Nic Talmack has put it out there that he’d like to officially call it the Lockwood Pedestrian Safety District.

Those interested in being included on the newly voted district are encouraged to attend and fill out an application at the April 2nd meeting.  The group is looking for community individuals that live in Lockwood who also bring some diversity to the group and perspective of their own or career.  Once the board and members are decided, monthly or bi-monthly meetings will follow.


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