District Announces Financial Assistance for Sewer Hookups


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This week, the Lockwood Water & Sewer District released the following statement and announcement regarding financial assistance for low and moderate income households located in the phase 1 sewer subdistrict of Lockwood. Information about the financial assistance and sewer hookup are now available on the District’s website.   The letter & income certification form shows the income levels for households.  This program is through CDBG and provides the cost of the hookup to households that qualify.

The letter that was sent to residents in the Phase 1 area reads:

Your household is receiving this letter to make residents aware of possible financial assistance that may be available to certain Lockwood area residents through a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) awarded to Yellowstone County.  The CDBG program is a federally-funded program designed to help communities with their greatest community development needs, wth special emphasis on meeting the needs of low and moderate income (LMI) families.  For communities of Lockwood’s size, the CDBG program is administered by the Department of Commerce with funding rom the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development.

To read the full letter and notification, visit here or visit the Lockwood Water & Sewer District’s webpage here.

If you have questions about the hookup and assistance, contact the Lockwood Water & Sewer District or call 406-259-4120


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