Lockwood Recognized Among Best Towns in MT for Young Families

NerdWallet considers cost of living, education, and economic growth

 San Francisco, CA (December 3, 2013) – NerdWallet, a consumer advocacy website, conducted a study on the best towns in Montana for young families, and Lockwood is in the top ten.

55 Montana cities and areas designated as places by the U.S. Census were included in this analysis. Only places with a population greater than 2,000 were considered and Lockwood was one of them.

To find the best places for future parents and young families to settle down, NerdWallet analyzed data from 55 towns in the Treasure State according to five criteria:

  1. Public school ratings
  2. Median home value
  3. Cost of homeownership
  4. Median income
  5. Economic growth

NerdWallet ranked Lockwood sixth after assessing the community’s cost of living, education system, and economic growth. The  school district received a seven-out-of-ten rating from the education nonprofit, GreatSchools. Lockwood’s median home value is the fourth-most affordable of all towns in the top ten—the median home price is $142,600.

“Located in the Billings area, Lockwood has experienced rapid growth in the past decade—growing by 57.8 percent,” said NerdWallet analyst Mike Anderson. “The community has also planned several expansion projects to continue transitioning from rural community to growing city.”

Read the full study online.

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