Aspen Air Expands in Lockwood Area

Ribbon CuttingAspen Air Corp announced last week it’s expansion of its facilities in the Lockwood area due to increased business and location.  As part of their growth plan and increased demand, Aspen Air Corp chose the area and noted that they plan to be around for the long haul in Lockwood, near Billings and the regional area.  Aspen Air has chosen to double its production of industrial gases in  Lockwood and to serve the energy needs and demands  from the Billings, Mt area.  As the Bakken demand increases, so will the need and availability of Nitrogen, Oxygen and Aragon product.


The following was taken from their website here regarding the announcement of Aspen Air Corp and their location in Lockwood.


“We decided to build here. We feel it is so stable,” chief executive Onkar  Dhaliwal said. “The living conditions are just better here.”  Having been in the area since 2006 Aspen Air is no stranger to the area and its wealth of construction and supporting resources.  Aspen was quite aggressive in its timeline and its intentions but through a combination of hard work, careful planning and decades of experience in the industry we pulled it off.

The new facility is located on the same land as our first unit and allows for us to significantly increase of Nitrogen and Oxygen production capacity.  “This new plant will more than double our production capacity and add an additional level of back-up supply for customers in Montana, North Dakota and Wyoming.” said Rolf Wenzel, Senior VP and CFO.

The company is adding up to 5 new permanent positions in plant operations and transportation in order to manage the new capacity and is pleased to be expanding its footprint in Montana.  “When we built our first plant in Billings 7 years ago, we said we were here for the long term.”  said Dhaliwal, “this major expansion of our production and logistics infrastructure demonstrates how bullish we are about Billings, not only due to the continued growth in the Bakken oilfield service sector, but also in mining, food processing , medical, oil refining and manufacturing sectors.  We have really seen Billings grow into a vibrant city in the 7 years since we moved in.” said Dhaliwal.  “It makes it easier to attract great quality employees to live here.”

Just another reason in finding services and products in the Lockwood area and another example of why more businesses are coming to Lockwood.

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