Public Meetings Notice & Invite

Letter to the Editor:

Dear Lockwood Residents,

I would like to take a couple minutes and ask ALL of you to plan on attending a community meeting on October 24th at 7pm in the Sturdevant Gym.  I’m asking the community and every member to be present in listening to the MEDA’s (Montana Economic Development Association) final report and recommendations to the Lockwood community. This is a group that came about two weeks ago and listened to the community members, business owners and toured the area for two days in Lockwood.  A lot of time has been spent on your behalf in organizing and preparing for the meetings and I hope that it can be of benefit to you from the groups and individuals who have helped put it together.

Therefore, I am trying to do what I can in my capacity as your State Representative to help the Lockwood Steering Committee, the community and MEDA in making this October 24th, 2013 meeting a big success.

As I was at the last community meeting with the Yellowstone County Commissioners on September 26, 2013; the attendance was minimal and I felt that I didn’t do the best I could in my capacity in helping get the word out to the community.  So I took a minute to inform the audience of the coming meetings and asked for their support and commitment in attending them. I also asked if they felt that we could get the word out to as many people as possible in order to get like 300 people to one meeting on October 24th.  Many were willing and committed to attend.  Many were also willing and committed to telling 10-15 other people about the meeting.

However, when I asked if they would commit to bring 10-15 people in order to reach the 300 goal, only about ¾ raised their hands as they had never seen that many people to a meeting before in Lockwood.  In fact, many were not as enthusiastic to reach 300 as a goal as I learned that there has never been over 150 people to a meeting (to my understanding). Therefore, it was a big goal for them and I understand. However, I think we can achieve it!

Here’s my reasoning!  As Lockwood is a community of about some 8,000 residents; 800 people would be 10%, and half that would be 400 people or 5%.  All I’m asking is that we have 300 people attend this community meeting.  It was moved to Studevant Gym in order to hold 400 people so they are prepared with a good sound system.   I think we as a community can get more than 300 and that is where the 300+ campaign started.  I hope you will support me in supporting the Lockwood Steering Committee, the  Community and MEDA group in getting 300+ people (Which has never been done) to show up to the meeting and the following is why!

If you are interested in a future High School, Lighting & Sidewalk District, Billings bypass from Lockwood to the Billings Heights, Incorporation of Lockwood, better roads and/or just want to be informed on what affects your taxes; this meeting will give you the opportunity to gather with likeminded Lockwood residents and friends.  Each group will be able to exchange info and work together in accomplishing their desired task or goal.  The MEDA group will provide you resources and ideas to accomplish your goals. Finally, the MEDA group will return in about 6 months to see all the progress and follow up.

Please know that I am here to help you as a community so please mark your calendars for October 24th at 7pm in the Sturdevant Gym in supporting the Lockwood Steering Committee, the community and MEDA. We, as a community, can’t afford to let this opportunity pass by. Each Lockwood District (School, fire, Water & Sewer, Transportation, and Irrigation) will also have a table with info about each entities latest news and updates for you.

I know that we as a community can achieve 300+ people to a meeting and I ask for your support in achieving it!  Please tell your neighbors, friends, employees, and coworkers that I need your help to reach 300+!

If there is anything I can do, please don’t hesitate to call me at 406-672-5941 or email me at

Lastly, another meeting to invite you to attend is the Lockwood Water & Sewer community meeting on October 9th at 7pm at the Eileen Johnson Middle School.


Thank you,



Representative Jonathan McNiven

Montana House of Representatives – House District 44